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To protect your information assets in an increasingly mobile world, Brown’s have developed a totally secure, end-to-end VPN solution for organisations of all sizes.

That solution incorporates the Brown’s Enterprise Access SYstem (EASY) Box.

Brown’s Enterprise Access SYstem (EASY) Box

The Brown’s EASY Box is a mobile, central data communications IP server delivering secure end-to-end data communications.  The Box manages all the incoming VPN connections to your network and delivers secure end-to-end data communications.

It provides the ideal solution for organisations with plans to move over to IP who are not ready to invest in a full-time IP solution, or that simply don’t wish to make the leap into full IP at all.

  • Central data communcations IP server for mobile users.
  • Secure end-to-end data communcations.
  • Central VPN management.
  • Eases the move to IP.
  • Enables SNA encryption for IBM mainframes.
Key benefits of the EASY Box server

Flexible, cost saving security

Browns remote and mobile LAN access network diagram

The Brown’s EASY Box adapts over many protocols and also acts as a firewall, protecting your data system from unauthorised access via the Internet.

With the Box in place, you can save costs by reducing the number of networks you have to support.

Fits the requirements of small and large organisations

From SMEs to large enterprises the Box – and its new version, the minibox – fulfils the data communications needs of all sizes of organisation.

Enables SNA encryption for IBM mainframes

The Box enables organisations with IBM-compatible mainframe or mid-range systems to offer secure 3270 or 5250 access over the Internet.

Remote SNA users can access an IBM-style mainframe or midrange host with full protection at both ends.

Guarantees remote access security using the Internet as a virtual network

The Box can apply either 256-bit AES or 168-bit EDE Triple DES encryption at the interface to public networks to enable encrypted access across the Internet.

The VPN uses end-to-end encryption to carry your data safely through a secure tunnel over the Internet.  It becomes a security barrier or firewall through which all WAN traffic must pass.

Offers full user management options

The Brown’s EASY Box supports RADIUS accounting and authentication.  In addition, network administrators easily create and distribute user profiles and control their security and access profiles.

Guarantees security features

Brown’s provides a range of security features to suit every need.  Cryptographic challenge-response is standard to the system.

Challenge-response, encryption and authentication are based on the Data Encryption Standard (DES).

Backed by full support and maintenance

Brown’s installs all its systems and offers you full maintenance and user training.  Our help desk is staffed by engineers who understand every detail of your installation.  Make the most of your data communications, safe in the knowledge that only the right people are using them.

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