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Brown’s File Deposit and Retrieval Services (FDRS)

Brown’s File Deposit and Retrieval Services (FDRS)

Brown’s File Deposit and Retrieval Services (FDRS) is a generalized, file-based, secure, high-performance data collection facility for implementation on a Microsoft Windows server platform.

FDRS provides for the deposit and the retrieval of files by multiple clients that are not necessarily related to one another.  FDRS provides security both within the transmission process and also between different users of the central facility.

The inter-user security is provided through the central authentication and filing structure.  Resilience of operation between users is provided by using separate threads.  FDRS also allows the execution of authorized programs and scripts under client control.

Security and operation

Brown’s Boxes with server certificates protect the central server from the network.  The Boxes act as firewalls as well as a termination point for the VPN tunnel established for each client session.  The VPN tunnels use TLS1.1 and AES with 256-bit keys.  clients can be authenticated over the tunnels with IDs and passwords maintained in the Windows server locally or in the Active Directory.  The IDs and passwords are not visible outside the system and can be supplemented with a second factor such as tokens or client certificates.  The Brown’s Boxes can be purchased with dial-up connections in addition to the normal IP connections.

Client PCs use Brown’s DNaccess software to establish the VPN with the central Brown’s Boxes, to run scripts and programs on the server and to invoke the FDRS client for the deposit and retrieval of files.  It is possible to specify directories and filters so that many files can be requested at once.

As well as being protected in transit, files undergo a hashing process during the transmission.  The receiver checks the hash to ensure that the whole file has been received without change.  Files are compressed before transmission to improve efficiency.

Simple and complete

FDRS is simple to install and can be deployed rapidly.  The server generates audit trails and accounting logs to track usage.  Logs are also generated at the client end.  Brown’s will customize FDRS at both server and client ends to suit the requirements for specific applications.

We also strongly recommend users deploy our disk protection software to guard sensitive data at rest on the client PCs.


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