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A massive gap exists today between the supply of effective legacy modernisation tools and the huge demand for legacy solutions.  Suppliers are gradually withdrawing support and maintenance for their legacy systems, and today's IP-trained technicians simply don't have the right skills.

But when the time comes to extend and enhance your mission-critical business systems, you need the work done correctly, and within budgets and timescales.

Brown's can offer:

Let Brown's help you create your best solution

At Brown’s we are committed to extending solutions.  We customise your legacy system, maintain it and support it.

A part-IP solution saves you costs by reducing the number of networks you have to look after.

What's more, with the Brown’s EASY Box you can even virtualise the legacy network.  For instance, by removing the SNA or X.25 products from the network and letting us build a virtualised, seamless end-to-end solution.  Then we put Brown’s EASY Boxes in at both ends and your front-end maintains the look and feel of the business applications.


The Brown’s Enterprise Access SYstem (EASY) Box

The Brown’s EASY Box figures in many of our solutions.  It delivers secure end-to-end data communications.  In addition to being a secure networking platform for remote access, it also acts as a firewall, protecting your data system from unauthorised access via the Internet.

It provides the ideal solution for organisations with plans to move over to IP who are not ready to invest in a full-time IP solution, or that simply don't wish to make the leap into full IP at all.

The Brown’s EASY Box is a mobile IP server that adapts over many protocols and interfaces.  With a Brown’s solution in place, you save costs by reducing the number of networks you have to support and you can employ security, equipment and staff to manage that network.

Brown’s communications products replace, adapt, enhance or add security to existing corporate and public infrastructures while preserving the look and feel of business applications.


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