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Brown’s smart VPN client for large corporates and governments

Large corporations and governments

The driving forces of large companies and governments to exploit remote and mobile access in a secure and flexible manner, in order to enhance themselves, are in essence no different to those of small and medium sized enterprises.  It is simply the approach to tackling the problems that are different...

DNROSE is altogether a smarter VPN client

Brown’s remote and mobile LAN access network diagram

The mobile workplace is here to stay, bringing with it massive changes in the ways in which people work and access information resources.  As a result, executives, staff, suppliers and citizens depend on secure and seamless access to information resources from anywhere, at any time.

With reliable access to applications and information comes increased productivity, improved customer service and profits.

system administrators require simple, yet secure ways to manage the demand on their information resources and the devices used to access those resources.

Brown’s offer a totally secure VPN solution for remote and mobile access for large corporate and government organisations.  The Brown’s Enterprise Access SYstem (EASY) Box with DNROSE client software extends the reach of your information resources.  system administrators can connect fixed PCs, laptops, tablets and PDAs into their networks, and retain control over user access to their resources.

The Brown’s EASY Box is a mobile IP server that also provides secure VPN concentration, firewall and proxy server functionality.  DNROSE is the client program used with the Box that optimises the mobile data connection in a secure, reliable and efficient manner.


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