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Small & medium sized enterprises

The driving forces of large companies and governments to exploit remote and mobile access in a secure and flexible manner, in order to enhance themselves, are in essence no different to those of small and medium sized enterprises.  It is simply the approach to tackling the problems that are different...

DNROSE helps you stay truly competitive

Increasing numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) now rely on remote and mobile access to their networks.  secure and reliable accesses to data and application programs held on your central computers have been shown to increases productivity and improve customer service resulting in bigger profits.

Yet several problems can prevent managers and owners from working effectively outside the office.  Poor response times, security threats from public networks, and poorly configured equipment hinder access to vital business tools.

Worse still many SMEs lack the full time resources to support their mobile workforce in a secure fashion, and their competitivenes suffers.

A single connection

Brown’s remote and mobile LAN access network diagram

As a first step towards true global competitivenes SMEs can employ a single secure access solution that draws together disparate network technologies into one single secure connection.

This is where Brown’s can help.  Brown’s supplies SMEs with full central site hardware and client software for secure remote and mobile access to your information resources.  Moreover, we back this up with a full service of consultation, installation, deployment and maintenance so your investment continues to grow in value from day one.

Brown’s offer a totally secure VPN for Remote and mobile access for SMEs.  The Brown’s Enterprise Access SYstem (EASY) Box with DNROSE client software extends the reach of your information resources.  We can help you connect fixed PCs, laptops, tablets and handheld devices such as PDAs into your networks, and retain control over user access to your data and application programs.

The Brown’s EASY Box is a mobile IP server that also provides secure VPN concentration, firewall and proxy server functionality.

DNROSE is the client program used with the Box, optimising the mobile data connection in a secure fashion.  DNROSE provides productive Remote and mobile access for SMEs.

In short, the Brown’s secure remote and mobile access solution enables you and your staff to work smartly and effectively wherever you are - at home, in the office, on business travel and even on holiday.


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