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What's your problem and how can we solve it?

At Brown’s we have the people and the tools to deliver practical security and reliable performance to your network.

Our team of developers deploy a full range of software tools - most of which have been developed in house - to produce and deliver the solution to match your needs.

Extensive customer portfolio

Our portfolio ranges from basic network interface products to emulators, encryption suites, available in Microsoft Windows desktop / mobile forms.  We can deliver these solutions both as client / server software and as central site hardware on our versatile IP server, the Brown’s EASY Box, which has a lineage going back almost 25 years.

Complete upgrade path

What's more, customers now benefit from our latest mini-version of the Box: a secure VPN router for branch networks.

Both client and server sides of our solutions can employ asynchronous, X.25, ISDN, IBM or Internet protocols according to need.

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